Pebbly Path

Extraordinary rocky road, for people who hate boring bits! Handcrafted in Mudgee using local ingredients, and home compostable packaging.


Our Commitment

Pebbly Path is located in regional NSW. You wouldn't know it now, but we have seen drought, we have been on limited water supply, and we know how important water conservation is. We are fully self-sufficient in water supply, and do not use any town water services, or bore water - it's all natural rain water, caught in our tanks and in the dam on our property. We reduce chemical use through the use of eco-friendly products such as Zero Co for all our cleaning needs, as they share a similar sustainability ethos. Packaging - see "materials" section. All our shipping materials are recyclable cardboard, and are often reused boxes that we have received our own deliveries in! Same goes for any packing fillers or bubble wrap etc - all reused! Plus, compostable packing tape from Buy Eco Green. We are having solar panels installed in 2023, with a view to minimising our energy footprint.

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