Nique is a fashion label by Creatives, for Creatives. Founded in Melbourne, Nique is focused on creating mindfully designed modern, minimalist garments for non-conformists. Using a sharp eye, streamlined designs create flattering lines and shapes.


Our Commitment

Nique has various initiatives in place to combat key environmental issues. Packaging: Since 2019, we have more than halved our plastic poly bag use, and plan on reducing this even more by transitioning required poly bags to more responsible options such as those with recycled content or which are biodegradable. Rather than attaching spare buttons and spools of thread to our garments in little plastic zip lock bags, we now ask suppliers to sew them onto the care labels. We wrap our knitwear in paper knit wraps with information on how to care for knits. Product recycling scheme: When customers are done with their pre-loved Nique garments, we ask that they give them back to us, and not discard them. We collaborate with local artists and designers to reNique, reNew and Resell the pieces to make sure they have a new lease on life. It’s part of our mission to keep clothes out of landfill, reduce the impact of the apparel industry, and design a future without waste. Office and Store Energy Use: Our Paddington store uses a 100% carbon neutral energy provider and we are currently in the process of transitioning our other locations to renewable options.

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