Nakheel means Date-Palm Trees in Arabic. Our small family-run business is based out of New South Wales, Australia, and has been founded on the deep-rooted values and qualities that a Date-Palm tree embodies an unhurried, leisurely, and long life.


Our Commitment

A PROMISE OF SUSTAINABILITY Even as the idea of starting Nakheel took shape in our minds, we knew that sustainability would be at the core of our inception. Any business proposition had to make sense financially and holistically for the larger community. Our team is constantly conscious that whatever we produce must be done respectfully, responsibly, and meticulously. One often thinks about sustainability as an afterthought; however, at Nakheel, we have proactively worked this philosophy into our business model. A carefully thought out set of principles has been established to guide us in reducing the environmental impact and yet better the lives of each person who comes to experience our brand. Besides the fact that all our products are made from 100% GOTS certified cotton, we use only compostable bags for our packaging during shipment. This means that each bag is dissolvable and will be gone within 90 days when disposed of. These aren’t just part of a business plan, but Nakheel’s promise to create items that are made to last, source only natural materials, focus on innovation and invest in generating the least waste.

Our Sustainability Framework

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