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At Mum's Mill, we believe in the power of ancient wisdom to nourish and transform lives. Our Ayurvedic food and beauty products are thoughtfully crafted to promote holistic well-being, striking the perfect balance between tradition and modernity.


Our Commitment

Mum's Mill is committed to reducing our environmental impact and addressing key environmental issues across various aspects of our business: Waste Reduction & Packaging: We do not use any outer packaging for our products, and all shipping and filling materials are paper-based, promoting recycling and responsible waste management. Eco-Friendly Packaging: Our bottles are certified to EN13432 standards, ensuring biodegradable packaging. We use degradable paper labels with eco-friendly inks to further reduce our carbon footprint and plastic pollution. Ethical Sourcing & Land Use: We prioritize ethically sourced ingredients from farmers and artisans, fostering a sustainable supply chain, promoting responsible land use, and supporting biodiversity. Chemical-Free Products: Mum's Mill products are completely free from preservatives, additives, colors, flavors, fragrances, and alcohol, ensuring a natural and eco-friendly product range. Community Engagement & Reforestation: For every order placed, Mum's Mill supports the "One Tree Planted" initiative, contributing to global reforestation efforts and raising awareness about key environmental issues.

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