We’re for women. We’re for men. We’re for anyone who wants to have a good time. But our true passion and reason for being is to empower women to celebrate and protect their sexual health.


Our Commitment

At the moment all our packaging is from 80% recycled material, all our despatch satchel and 100% recycled material. By 2025, we want to achieve 100% recycled material packaging. Our manufacturing facility has a state-of-the-art water treatment plant which allows the factory to maximize the amount of water that is being recycled. This also means that any water that is being discharged from the factory is clean. They also collect rainwater to assist in cleaning and maintenance, and further eliminate water waste. The heating and cooling system has been built to recycle cold and hot air and reduce energy costs. Air pressure traps cold air in the factory, and heating systems from the dipping machines recycle heat, using 15% less energy. The factory is powered in part by solar panels that were installed as part of our sustainability efforts, and the factory is specifically built to access as much natural light as possible (such as angled walls, adapted floor plan). They have installed energy-efficient LED light bulbs to help conserve energy. Paper documents are so yesterday. So, we revamped our internal document management to reduce paper waste. In our office, there is only 10% paper used for mandatory filing purpose.

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