Founded in 2013, Modibodi® is Australia’s original leak-proof apparel brand, offering a sustainable and reliable solution to manage periods and bladder leaks.


Our Commitment

Responsible innovation is at the core of our brand. Our Biodegradable range and Carbon Neutral Brief are two examples of how we’re working towards more sustainable leakproof underwear. Five key areas we focus on to make the biggest impact for people…and the planet. 1. Reduce waste – first, we provided an alternative to the problem of single use disposable waste, now we’re working toward a zero-waste future by finding recycling pathways for our products after customer use. 2. Better materials - we work to source fabrics that align to our preferred material standard and have a lesser environmental impact than conventional alternatives. 3. Responsible supply chain – we work with our manufacturers to protect and improve the rights, wages and working conditions of the people in our supply chain. 4. Climate action – we work with our supply chain to reduce carbon emissions, and positively influence water use, waste and biodiversity. 5. Packaging and logistics – to reducing the environmental impact of delivering our products to our customers we use recycled and compostable packaging.

Our Sustainability Framework

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