Lük Beautifood

Australian Consciously Made Beauty. Lük (pronounced ‘luke’) Beautifood is a multi-award winning Australian beauty company obsessed with making conditioning colour and nourishing treatments that look, taste and feel amazing!


Our Commitment

We strive to reduce plastic through product development and product renovation and work with our peers and partners as part of the Australian Packaging Covenant. We are removing unnecessary packaging and marketing materials in our supply chain, and increasing the use of recycled and environmentally friendly materials. We are mindful of our carbon footprint and endeavour to improve measurement of it throughout operations and product lifecycle in striving towards being a carbon neutral company. Initiatives such as sourcing bioplastics for new products and offsetting carbon help us on this important journey. We put Australian government-accredited renewably-sourced energy into the electricity grid at our office & warehouse with Green Accredited Power. We prioritise Australian manufacture to support our local community and help reduce our carbon footprint related to transport.

Our Sustainability Framework

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