Living Koko

Living Koko is an Australian company producing small-batch food, beverage and body products, made from ethical cacao sourced by Samoan independent small plot farmers. Our beliefs are grounded in food sovereignty and supporting Indigenous cultivation.


Our Commitment

From what we take from the earth, we give back. We believe in a circular economy and employ low- and no-waste practices across our farming and manufacturing practices. We also collaborate with businesses working towards reducing their reliance on non-renewable resources and overall carbon footprint. We consider deeply the impact of every product we make, from how it is cultivated, harvested, manufactured, wrapped and delivered. At the forefront of our minds is the impact climate change has on the Pacific Islands, and the vulnerable future those communities have unless action is taken. It is why we are proud to be a member of the 350 Pacific Climate Warrior group, who advocate for environmental issues affecting the Pacific region, and why we go to great lengths to deliver our products while treading gently on the earth: We use the whole cacao bean to manufacture a variety of products – our body care range Koko Smooth uses the inedible but still highly nourishing cacao husks! All of our packaging is compostable and / or recyclable, including baskets hand woven from grass and palms Our manufacturing space in Melbourne is 100% powered by solar, with excess power fed back into the grid We seek suppliers, businesses, couriers and trans

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