Lighthouse Lane

Lighthouse Lane offers ethically sourced bamboo, rattan & seagrass pendant light shades. We are committed to using high quality, natural & sustainable materials. Each light shade is intricately hand-woven by artisans who we work with directly.


Our Commitment

Lighthouse Lane’s light shades are packed with care in boxes made from recycled cardboard & stuffed with thick kraft paper to protect them during shipping. All of which can be recycled in home recycling bins. No bubble wrap in sight!! As a new small business I know that there is more I can do & I’m excited to take leaps in our sustainability journey over the next 12 months to ensure we minimise and offset our carbon footprint, and continue to work with my suppliers to find alternatives to plastic wrapping our lights sometimes arrive in. Our goals in the next 12 months are to: Partner with an Australian company to offset our carbon emissions Ship our products carbon neutral Reduce the amount of soft plastic received from Indonesian suppliers.

Our Sustainability Framework

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