Lashes of Change

Australia's first eco-luxe refillable mascara, tailored exclusively for you. Up to 45 unique combinations delivering impeccable performance, even for sensitive eyes. Experience frustration-free beauty and order a refill cartridge when empty.


Our Commitment

Our commitment to sustainability and diverting significant cosmetic waste from landfill, has lead us to deconstruct what mascara looks like, and re-design it from the ground up to provide a bespoke experience and maximum functionality for our customers with the least possible resources. We have designed refill cartridges to specifically address the issue of cosmetic packaging landfill waste. Our refill cartridges allow our customers to reuse their mascaras for years, meaning less packaging waste is being created in the process. We proudly use recyclable materials like aluminium, PCR plastics and cardboard in our packaging to make it as recyclable and bio degradable as possible. Our beautiful bespoke formulas are all vegan, cruelty free AND created with passion and purpose. With 5 different mascara brushes to choose from, we help to eliminate the guesswork and frustration when trying a new brand - and reducing the amount of mascaras thrown into landfill.

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