LARi Active

Meet LARi, the eco-conscious activewear brand that goes way beyond the gym. Ditch your ordinary activewear and say hello to bold, sustainable, and stylish. We're all about making a statement and boosting your confidence!


Our Commitment

The fashion industry is notorious for the mistreatment of workers and also as one of the world's biggest polluters. We want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. By wearing LARi we want you to feel good on the inside as well as look good on the outside. We pushed this commitment throughout our operations, from using compostable packaging that can be reuse, choosing the courier partner that offsetting carbon emissions, choosing manufacturing that has the same ethical values, last but not least, most of LARi pieces are made from recycled nylon that goes through the process of regeneration and repurposing of fishing nets collected from oceans and fabric scraps destined for landfill allows for new products to be created without ever using new resources.

Our Sustainability Framework

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