Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort

Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort is an award-winning eco-tourism Resort on the Great Barrier Reef. Family-run, committed to sustainability, and a sanctuary for marine life.


Our Commitment

Sustainability Actions Our Commitment Implementing sustainability initiatives on a remote, off-grid Island has a unique set of challenges. There is no supplied electricity, no mains water or wastewater treatment operation and no weekly garbage truck! The eco-resort has to produce its own electricity, desalinate its own water, treat all water and sewage and remove ALL waste whilst adhering to our sustainability objectives of minimal impact on the environment. Our Actions It has been a thrilling journey since 2005 transforming the eco-resort to a world leading eco-tourism business! Our sustainability actions focus on reducing carbon emissions, water-usage and minimising waste. We are dedicated to protecting and improving the Island’s biodiversity in partnership with the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and private industry; and inspiring our guests and surrounding community to become ECO Warriors and join us in our mission to protect the Great Barrier Reef for future generations. Our Team Our team are very passionate and really care about the reef and the Island’s fragile eco-system. Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort is home to numerous Master Reef Guides who are highly trained guides that share the wonders of the reef.

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