Knobby Underwear. We are the official Undie Club™ ♻️ + A surprise monthly unseen design + Made from up to 5 recycled bottles + Bamboo Staples + Merino Wool + Socks


Our Commitment

We have a Sustainability Committee at Knobby HQ who meet each month and discuss initiatives that each depart can implement to reduce our impact on the environment. These range from small things like offering our packing boxes to the community to pick up for free when they move house to large scale projects investigating how we can close the loop and recycle or reuse old materials. We're currently looping into an initiate where we can turn these materials into dog beds or building materials. As a business we're always working towards doing better and being better.

Our Sustainability Framework

Emissions and Key Environmental Issues


Supply Chain

Community Initiatives

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Circular Models

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