Karuna Dawn

Experience beautifully handcrafted bags and accessories that serve a greater purpose. Our curated collections celebrate true artistry and craftsmanship whilst uplifting and transforming lives.


Our Commitment

All our bags and accessories are kind to people, animals and the planet. We only use sustainable materials in the production of our products. Our products are handmade producing lower carbon emissions and minimising material waste. Our products are sent to customers naked meaning we do not wrap them in plastic or other materials. Our products are shipped using Hero Packaging - a compostable mailer bag or if the item is small in size, they are sent using a paper based pre-paid envelope. Our up-cycled denim bags are entirely circular. They are made using post-consumer jeans and manufacturer's off-cuts, saving garments from landfill. We are launching a take back program for these bags. At the end of use, our customer can send it back to us and we will send it back to our partner who will create new designs from the return of these bags.

Our Sustainability Framework

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