Into The Wild Escapes

Into the Wild Escapes is a collection of 46 off-grid tiny homes located in regional NSW, QLD, SA, WA, VIC & TAS. All are complete with luxe French linen, air conditioning & heating + all the appliances and cookware you need to feel at home.


Our Commitment

Our offering aims to educate people about sustainable, minimalist and off-grid living. Each escape encourages people to live a more minimalist existence, reduce their emissions, and be mindful of their impact on the land. As each tiny house is powered by the sun, every person who stays in our dwellings must be mindful of their electricity usage and their water usage, as there is not an endless supply. Our custom-engineered off-grid dwellings are designed to impact the land as little as possible. They’re designed with low carbon footprints, intended to seamlessly integrate onto untouched land, and keep it that way. No excavation, no wires and no damage.

Our Sustainability Framework

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