Utilising world-leading technology and premium, innovative fabrics, InStitchu provides custom, made-to-measure garments of impeccable quality at an affordable price, with 16 national Showrooms and a digital tailoring hub.


Our Commitment

Buying made-to-measure custom garments from InStitchu is better for the environment for a wide range of reasons. Firstly, in terms of stock and production, there is little to zero wastage in the custom tailoring model; unlike an off-the-rack retailer, estimating the products and sizes that will sell each season, each garment is created for a specific customer’s order and needs after they have paid, meaning there is no surplus stock, no storage, no aggressive discounting cycles, no landfill and no unnecessary transport of products that don’t sell or are sold and returned. It also encourages thoughtful shopping patterns, as a custom made-to-measure model prompts customers to really consider, plan and order only those garments they really need and want most. The high quality construction of the final product, use of natural fibres and made-to-measure fit also ensure the garment is more likely to be used and loved for longer.

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