icebreaker is a natural performance outdoor clothing brand founded in New Zealand. icebreaker leads a movement to a more natural way of living by removing unnecessary plastic out of performance apparel. Choose merino clothing. Move to natural.


Our Commitment

We’re focused on regenerative farming principles and renewable resources to help lighten our environmental footprint. Regenerative agriculture encompasses several environmentally and socially conscious principles which aim to promote biodiversity, enhance water cycles, improve soil health and reduce carbon emissions. We believe partnerships are a critical component to the solution. Increasing the volume and scale of sustainable raw materials through collaboration with industry experts and supply chain partners is a fundamental component of our environmental sustainability strategy. Our work with The New Zealand Merino Company and their ZQRX programme will help us to incorporate regenerative practices across the merino farms we work with. The ZQRX programme will enable merino growers to capture the complexity of their livestock, soil, climate, ecology and community. In 2022 we will use 95% merino and plant-based fibres across our range. Our goal is to reach 100%. We’re want to use fibres solely sourced from nature. We’re even going as far as removing products that we are yet to find a natural alternative for. When we need to keep synthetics (for performance purposes), we’re searching for bio-based alternatives.

Our Sustainability Framework

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