I Am Grounded

I Am Grounded is an Upcycled food company utilising coffee fruit to make functional, clean caffeine energy snacks in order to lessen the staggering waste produced when harvesting coffee!


Our Commitment

I Am Grounded is a social enterprise based in Sydney, that utilises Upcycled ingredients in snack foods to reduce food waste. We are working on UN Sustainability Development Goals 12 and 3. Predominantly, I Am Grounded is commercialising a new type of energy snack with upcycled coffee fruit. Our co-founder Vanessa was born in Colombia into a coffee family, whose father is a food scientist and coffee byproduct expert. She grew up completely immersed in the industry and has seen first-hand the waste problem and the empowerment upcycling the fruit can have on coffee farming communities. Her passion to work with smallholder farmers at origin allows us to have a clear and transparent direct relationship with our growers. Each snack represents a tangible result in reducing food waste by rescuing 70g of coffee fruit from ending up in landfill. Manufactured in Australia, these modern-day snacks are the first coffee fruit-based snacks to market. Since launching we have rescued just over 7000 kilos of coffee fruit from ending up as landfill.

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