We believe everyone deserves to eat real food and feel good! Thanks to our trusty team of nutritionists, we take the guesswork out of reading food labels. We only deliver wholesome and eco-friendly food, beauty, supplements and home products.


Our Commitment

As well as partnering with sustainable brands, we use recyclable, biodegradable packaging in both the GoodnessMe Boxes and online shopping orders. Our subscription boxes and shop delivery boxes are produced locally in Australia to lower carbon emissions. They’re also made with recyclable materials, including void fill that’s 100% recycled matter. This means less product packaging overall, plus less plastic. On that note, we choose to cushion fragile items, like glass, with recyclable paper alternatives to bubble wrap. When cooling is needed, we reach for sustainable cold packs made from sheep’s wool. We’ve recently introduced volumetric box sizing in our warehouse to prevent waste, and we’re working on a program where customers can return their GoodnessMe Boxes back to use to recycle or reuse. For now, we offer multiple ideas for reusing the boxes and giving them a second life! In our effort to reduce paper waste, we've adopted digital alternatives for things like insert cards and pamphlets. In terms of food waste, we are acutely aware of the hunger crisis in Australia, and we work closely with the Food Bank charity to help combat this.

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