Good Citizens

Good Citizens turns discarded single-use plastic bottles into stylish, thoughtfully made sunglasses. One 600ml bottle makes one pair of frames. Each pair comes with lenses made by Carl Zeiss Vision.


Our Commitment

By only using recycled plastic, we use around 70-75% less CO2 in our production. Our award-winning design means that each part is made in 70 seconds and do not require the hours of tumbling, polishing and finishing that most sunglasses require to be ready for sale; again, saving energy. Despite using less energy, we lock away double the carbon we use for every pair. As our frames are 100% recycled PET with nothing else mixed in, they are also recyclable. Because the design is modular, if a part breaks it can be replaced at home, keeping the frames out of landfill and back on your face in no time.

Our Sustainability Framework

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