Folkal Eyewear

Folkal Eyewear is a marketplace designed to help you make a conscious choice when buying sunglasses. We've curated fashion-forward styles and ranked them for you by their impact on the planet. Only products made from eco-materials make the cut.


Our Commitment

In addition to creating a world's first rating system to help buyers make a more sustainable choice with their eyewear, Folkal orders are packaged and supplied in recycled cardboard packaging and sent using Australia Post's carbon-neutral parcel delivery service. In addition to this, every purchase made online at Folkal Eyewear, Folkal donates to Plastic Bank®. Plastic Bank® removes plastic from the ocean and landfill it also turns waste into an empowering form of income by creating positive economic opportunities for those who help collect the waste. The collected material is also reborn as Social Plastic® which can be easily reintegrated into products and packaging as part of a closed-loop supply chain. Plastic Bank prevents ocean-bound plastics from reaching our waterways, but they also reduce the number of new plastics being created by encouraging companies to switch to recycled sources.

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