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Switch for the value, stay for the trees. Choose from three great value mobile plans starting from 25GB for $25/mth. felix mobile is certified carbon neutral, powered by 100% renewable electricity & we plant one tree for every month you're with us.


Our Commitment

Our phones are hiding a secret‚Ķ ‚ÄčEvery year, the data centres and mobile towers that support Aussie phones emit close to 1,000,000+ tonnes of CO2. That‚Äôs the same amount of carbon in a year as 386,000 passenger cars!‚ÄčCarbon offsetting our emissions‚ÄčOffsetting is a way of compensating for unavoidable CO2 emissions, by investing in projects which reduce emissions elsewhere. Over one million trees planted‚ÄčTo date, we‚Äôve already donated over 1,200,000 trees on behalf of our community around the world and here at home in Australia, with a goal to plant two million by the end of 2024. Essentially for every month you‚Äôre with felix, you‚Äôre supporting one little sapling to be grown in local nurseries, planted in the earth, and cared for in the wild in its early stages of life.‚ÄčSource: One Tree Planted and South Pole.‚Äč

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