ewe care

Australia’s first sheep milk skincare range, handcrafted in Tasmania. Ewe Care combines the benefits of sheep milk with uniquely Tasmanian ingredients to bring you an Australian-first in all-natural skincare.


Our Commitment

Ewe Care addresses a significant gap in the Australian skincare market and gives life to exceptional ingredients that are otherwise going to waste. Launched in July 2021 in an attempt to minimise waste on the farm, Ewe Care re-purposes sheep milk not suitable for cheesemaking and combines it with native Tasmanian botanicals to create a universal skincare range that heals, nourishes and restores skin naturally. Turning the cost of waste into a real marketable product, Ewe Care is pioneering the natural category with an original offering and providing an innovative solution to daily skincare concerns such as psoriasis, acne, eczema and skin ageing. Housed in locally made ceramic vessels and packaged in 100% home compostable materials, Ewe Care is committed to preserving the environment and minimising single use plastic waste in Australia.

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