Eenee Designs

Est 1991, we create innovative nappy solutions for babies, children & adults. Our ‘plastic free’ disposable nappy pads are suitable for ‘recycling’ through commercial composting and are used with our re-usable wraps or pants, not just thrown away.


Our Commitment

We are all about designing and providing real solutions to everyday environmental issues. We have worked with the composting industry to ensure our compostable nappies are suitable for commercial composting. Eenee's are the only nappy to be allowed in TAS Council FOGO bins in Hobart, Glenorchy, Kingborough Councils & in WA in Margaret River, in Brisbane SUEZ allow them in their paid for Organics service. We continue to work towards having them allowed in other States and have a number of projects underway in the South Pacific. Our exciting new superabsorbent cloth nappy inserts provide another eco choice for parents. However, we also recognise that washing garments discharges significant microfibers and microplastics into our environment with 35% of primary plastic that is polluting our oceans coming from laundry, so eenee is launching its patent pending economical and effective microplastics filter bag suitable for all washing machines, helping everyone reduce their contribution to this growing problem.

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