Ecopia Retreat

Ecopia Retreat is a boutique eco luxury accommodation in a private wildlife sanctuary on Kangaroo Island. A truly sustainable curated off-grid stay immersed in 150 acres of natural wilderness with incredible wildlife encounters.


Our Commitment

Ecopia is a completely off-grid property, using solar power and pure rainwater for guests’ use. The rammed-earth villas with double-glazed windows significantly reduce energy required for heating/cooling, all appliances have high energy rating and a general ‘less is more’ approach is taken with everything we do. We have been conserving and extending natural habitat for nearly two decades, planting thousands of native trees and shrubs yearly. We follow set principles that guide our operations: • Refillability / Reusability / Recyclability – across our service delivery (guests' products and cleaning products) • Low to no packaging / waste – buy in bulk, reuse containers, provide no plastic for use • Low embodied energy • Use suppliers with ecological evidence, ethical production systems, and that give back • Support local businesses to keep distribution miles low • Use organic or low chemical inputs products as much as we can

Our Sustainability Framework

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