The waste separation system you've bin waiting for! Ecobin offers bins in all shapes and sizes for the office, home, school, local pub, man cave, yoga studio and everything in between. Our bins are made locally in Melbourne and are carbon offset.


Our Commitment

Ecobin offers a waste separation system that helps people make better choices about where they put their waste. Our products are tough and designed for reuse, but even good things eventually come to an end. We're conscious of the impact our products have on the earth during every stage of their life, so we've make sure our products are fully recyclable at the end of their use. We conducted a life cycle assessment of Ecobin, which gave us the right information to understand our carbon impact and what carbon can be offset. The original Ecobin range is flat packed, which uses less transport emission as less needs to be transported. Although an Ecobin uses 50% less energy in its manufacturing compared to an equivalent plastic bin, we still decided to action a carbon offset program for the balance of the emissions. Over the many years of carbon offset, we have taken away 2.5 million km equivalent of car travel. That's tonnes of emissions that would have normally had a terrible impact. This means our customers are sustainable before they even begin.

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