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Ecovital are Australians offering local innovation at its best. CellAED defibrillator for home safety where 70% of cardiac arrest happen. We're combatting plastic with cassava alternatives in retail and commercial. Committed to People and Planet


Our Commitment

Ecovital is committed to a comprehensive approach in reducing our environmental footprint. Our initiatives include sustainable packaging solutions, particularly in replacing single-use plastics with cassava-based alternatives. We actively promote recycling and responsible end-of-life product strategies to minimize waste. In addition, our operations prioritize energy efficiency, and we continually explore ways to reduce our overall carbon footprint. Our sourcing practices for raw materials, like cassava, emphasize sustainability and support biodiversity. Water conservation measures are integrated into our processes, reflecting our dedication to responsible resource use. Furthermore, we're transparent about our chemical use, ensuring that it aligns with environmental standards and poses minimal harm. Our commitment extends beyond products; it's a holistic strategy to address key environmental issues. By championing these initiatives, Ecovital is contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.

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