Earth Worthy

Earth Worthy makes gifts that give back. From our handloom blankets - which are 100% cotton - to our compostable jute bags, every product we sell is sustainable and ethically produced.


Our Commitment

PLANET The products we produce are kind to the Earth and meet the following criteria; • Production materials are renewable and do not cost the Earth. All our products are made from natural plant-based materials, with the expectation of our cushion inserts are made from recycled materials. • We aim for minimal impact during the production process –handmade produces lower carbon emissions and minimal wastage of materials. • Circular: we consider how our products can be reused, recycled, or even replenish on the Earth so that we do not contribute to landfill. • No plastic. All our bags, blankets, and cushion covers are plastic-free. We believe that there are great plastic alternatives and we make these available.

Our Sustainability Framework

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