Citizen Wolf

Citizen Wolf creates custom-fit clothing that’s better for you and better for the planet. Our Magic Fit® technology needs only your height, weight and age to create perfectly fitting clothes with zero waste and 48% less carbon than fast fashion.


Our Commitment

A typical fast fashion Tee creates 5.6kg CO2 whereas a Citizen Wolf Tee creates only 2.9kg CO2 - equivalent to a 48% reduction! In order to know how much carbon we needed to offset, we had to audit the CO2 consumption across every stage of creating your Tee - all the way from farm to hanger. Drawing from data at the Stockholm Environment Institute (2005) on the carbon footprint of your average 100% Cotton Tee mass produced by any fast fashion brand, we’ve calculated the best approximation of the footprint of a Citizen Wolf 100% Organic Cotton Tee and put them side by side for comparison. We'll release more detailed workings soon, but the short story is the true carbon cost of a typical fast fashion cotton Tee is 5.6kg CO2 whereas a Citizen Wolf organic cotton Tee creates only 2.9kg CO2, equivalent to a 48% reduction!

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