At CAMILLA, our vision is to colour the world. More than a global fashion house, we are a collective of Print Makers, Storytellers, Adventurers and Artisans, taking inspiration from the world around us to empower others and transport the soul.


Our Commitment

CAMILLA swing tags are made from 70% recycled materials, woven labels made from 60% recycled yarn, satin tape and swing tag cord plaque created from 100% recycled polyester, and button bags from 100% recycled material and FSC®-certified. Our store bags, tissue paper, online shipping boxes and premium boxes are all recyclable and developed with APCO’s Sustainable Packaging Guidelines. In our quest to reduce plastic usage throughout the business, this year we began phasing out polybags for our online shipping orders. All swimwear and activewear products are sent in POLLAST!C Mailers are made from 100% Ocean Bound Plastic pollution.* All plastic bags used in our warehouse and Boutiques are made with recycled materials. We also offer laundry bags, which are scientifically proven to counteract the microplastic pollution caused by clothes washing.^ * Independent Life Cycle Analysis ^ Independently tested by the German Textile Research Center North West, DTNW, Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT and University of California at Santa Barbara as part of the Patagonia research program and found to withstand 50 household washes (ISO 6330) without damage and without releasing any plastic particles into the water.

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