Calm & Stormy

A range of still, sparkling & fruit sparkling canned mineral water. Sustainably packaged in 100% infinitely recyclable cans. Mineral water sourced from underneath a dormant volcano (for real!). Flavoured sparkling infused with real fruit juice.


Our Commitment

We love our oceans and we think it’s pretty messed up that 8 million tons of plastic pollutes them every year 😢 Our mission is for healthier people living on a healthier planet. We are proud members of 1% of the planet. To create a better planet and future for all, we give back 1% of every sale to our environmental nonprofit partners to help keep the ocean plastic free, such as #Take3forthesea We package Calm & Stormy in Cans as a more sustainable alternative to plastic bottles. Check out some facts about our cans: 100% RECYCLABLE - Aluminium drinking cans are the most recycled packaging product in the world - Australia has a high rate of aluminium can recycling – approx 70% INFINITE RECYCLING - Can be recycled endlessly without compromising any of its quality - 75% of the aluminium ever produced is still in use today ECO FRIENDLY - Making an aluminium can from recycled material saves 95% energy - Recycling one kilogram of aluminium saves 20kg of greenhouse gas Our next goal is to become carbon neutral.

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