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At Branch and Bloom, we're all about eco-friendly, plastic-free flowers that shout, 'I love our planet!' Our hand-painted wooden flowers are your guilt-free ticket to floral beauty without environmental harm.


Our Commitment

Eco-Friendly Alternatives: Our wooden flowers are designed as an environmentally responsible alternative to both plastic artificial flowers and traditional cut flowers. By choosing our hand-painted wooden blooms, you're making a sustainable choice that lasts longer and minimizes waste. Plastic-Free Production: We take pride in ensuring that no plastic is used anywhere in our production process. From the materials we use to the packaging we provide, we're dedicated to being entirely plastic-free. Repurposing Salvaged Branches: We go the extra mile by repurposing salvaged branches into vases. This not only reduces waste but also adds a unique, natural touch to our products. Sustainable Sourcing: Our wooden flowers are crafted from FSC certified Australian-made plywood, sourced from responsibly managed forests. We're committed to minimizing our impact on deforestation and habitat destruction. Carbon-Neutral Practices: We continually strive to make our production process more energy-efficient and eco-friendly, thus reducing our carbon footprint.

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