Boost Mobile

Join the circular economy with a pre-owned iPhone, Samsung or iPad for a fraction of the price. All devices come with a 12 month warranty and $35 SIM to get you connected. It's good for your wallet and the planet.


Our Commitment

We are focused on reducing e-waste and landfill by promoting the reuse and recycling of old devices through our refurb shop and trade-in app. Our goal is to give new life to unwanted devices, and we’re proud that 98% of all equipment received is refurbished and repurposed. Where this is not possible these devices are recycled back in to usable materials, keeping harmful waste out of landfill. Boost Mobile has sold refurbished devices online for over three years and the trade-in program sees the offering come full circle maximising the life cycle of old phones and helping keep devices in use and out of landfill for as long as possible. For every second-hand device created and reintroduced to the marketplace, a new device is not being manufactured in its place to fit that same need. Having smartphones be a more regular feature of the circular economy also means less e-waste and landfill. In the UN’s 2020 Global E-Waste Monitor, Australia was reported to create 21.3kg of e-waste (including smartphones) per capita, but only recycling 9% of this. Europe by comparison leads the charge recycling 42.5% of its 16.2kg waste per capita, and North America follows recycling 15% of 20.9kg e-waste per capita.

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