Biotuff is passionate about securing a more sustainable future by providing accredited and certified compostable bioplastics. Changing the way we shop, the products we buy, and how we dispose of these products can be a lifesaver for our planet.


Our Commitment

Did you know that by composting, a typical family can reuse more than 300 Kilograms of waste each year! Switching to Biotuff compostable bags helps reduce the litter on the Earth, keeping our world healthy and clean. Biotuff is passionate about endorsing the importance of soil quality, biodiversity and compost. These practices not only rehabilitate the land we use for farming, but they can also promote carbon sequestration and help endorse a positive drive on climate change. Biotuff material, alongside strong council-driven eco-friendly practices, allows many Australians to see the importance on a larger scale. Improving land quality by boosting soil carbon, water retention, soil quality, and biodiversity. Biotuff also encourages local Australian councils to get proactive in this space by getting organised early and promoting the benefits of Food Organic Green Organic (FOGO) to their residents while also increasing their eco-friendly approach to rubbish collections.

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