Biome's vision is to preserve a safe, healthy environment for now, and for those who come after us. Since 2003, we've been helping our customers find solutions that reduce waste, pollution, toxins and climate change!


Our Commitment

Biome is proud to be on a mission to ensure we go beyond 'carbon neutral' to draw down more emissions than we release from our operations and supply chain, plus take additional actions that make a greater positive contribution to the environment. In 2019, Biome was one of the B Companies that committed to being Net Zero by 2030 on the world stage at the UN Climate Change Conference. We go above and beyond to source the most sustainable products for you, including: Buy once for life - high quality products with long life span Palm oil free Bulk and DIY - we are committed to finding unique ways to reduce waste at the source. In 2016, we developed a solution to champion truly sustainable skin care with Australia's first zero waste beauty bar, The Naked Beauty Bar, which offers all the education and ingredients you need to make natural skin care.

Our Sustainability Framework

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