Audrey & Alfie

Nutritious food for Babies, Toddlers & Children. Our dietitian-designed bowls, finger food and lunch box items help make mealtimes easy for busy families. Made in Melbourne, using locally sourced and organic ingredients, snap frozen with no nasties!


Our Commitment

We provide families with a healthy alternative to the supermarket offerings, which are commonly ultra-processed1. Ultra-processed foods are not just bad for our health2 but also contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, water and energy use3. By contrast, Audrey and Alfie provides nutritious food, made from whole foods with minimal processing. By snap freezing our products, we avoid the need to add any preservatives or other ultra-processed ingredients, or heat treat our products. We’ve also made a conscious choice to provide recyclable packaging wherever possible, limit the amount of product packaging we use, and provide reusable and recyclable delivery boxes and gel packs. We source ingredients locally wherever possible and make and store all food in Melbourne, to minimise food miles and help reduce our carbon footprint. 1.UPFs and recommended intake levels of nutrients linked to non-communicable diseases in Australia 2. UPF consumption, cancer risk & cancer mortality, 3. UPF consumption as a promoting factor of greenhouse gas emissions, water, energy, and land use,

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