It's not magic...but it's close!! Airgarden makes it EASY for Anyone, anywhere to grow your own fresh produce Anytime - NO Green Thumb Required in less than 10 mins per week.


Our Commitment

The Airgarden unit is made from all Australian UV stabilised, food-grade plastic. Food-grade plastic has a required level of purity and doesn't include any materials that are potentially hazardous if consumed by humans. It will never end up in landfill & can be recycled into other products Water and nutrients are recycled over and over, meaning the Airgarden uses 95% less water than soil-based gardening. Plants are grown in 100% organic 'coco-coir' plugs, and fed with our 100% natural earth-mineral nutrient solution. Reducing food waste is the 3rd most effective way to address climate change. By growing your own you only pick what you need, meaning no more sad bags of wilted day-old herbs and veggies thrown in the bin.

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